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About Us

Mission and Vision


While adhering to the maxim “Do No Harm”, and maintaining customer health and safety as the highest priority, Hypersonic Labs is dedicated to providing pharmacist-approved supplements that are unconditionally guaranteed in potency, purity, and quality.


By providing high quality products, Hypersonic Labs is strongly positioned to be an ongoing partner and resource for our customers. We believe strongly in American values, traditions, and ideals, which is why we are owned and operated in the Heart of America, based in Overland Park, Kansas. We are committed to the longitudinal research and development that is essential for Hypersonic Labs to continue providing new and innovative nutritional solutions.

This commitment underscores our dedication to our customers. We invite you to talk with us and discover the experience our customers know us for.



Other Information

  • Manufacturered according to FDA-GMP standards
  • Made in the USA, now and always!
  • Supported by clinical evidence so you know it works!


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